Why VINGS Technologies

Your organization may be already over stretched with personnel and hiring additional permanent staff may not be a viable option. Also, you may need to train your staff at the same time while monitoring a looming client’s deadline. VINGS Technologies can meet all of these requirements. Our team members are ready to assist you at any stage of your project. They are highly skilled in adapting those skills to the specific needs of various clients. As a result, we can help with any kind of business in any industry to succeed in today’s digital economy.

We are well geared up to offer transitional staff on a per-project basis. VINGS Technologies maintains a substantial list of employees and long-term contractor relationships enabling us to guarantee a higher degree of excellence and competence for our clients. All of this means that VINGS Technologies has the talent, support and resolve to make even the most unusual project into a viable success. We continually strive to provide unique solutions that move businesses forward. Our clients are some of the best companies in the world. VINGS offers exceptional, personalized service to both our clients and consultants. Our success is based on a relentless focus on quality, commitment and collaboration. VINGS Technologies is unique in three key ways:
  • Our team consists of IT and Industry veterans that truly understand the skills, experience and quality expectations our clients seek for;
  • Our team collaborates with both clients and our consulting resources to build strong, on-going and trust-based relationships; and
  • We understand that every client is unique. Our culture, size and corporate structure foster our ability to be creative and flexible to create solutions that are timely and cost-effective to exceed our clients’ expectations.
At VINGS we are focused on being the best at providing three key client services:
  • Contract Staffing
  • Direct or Permanent Placement
  • Supplementary Consulting Services

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Hardware in Loop Consulting
Rapid Control Prototyping Development
Auto Code Generation
Software in Loop Testing
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Why VINGS Technologies
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